Sunday, April 13, 2014

Field Trip: Sven Factory Outlet

My landlord recently installed our gas fireplace insert (just in time for spring) and advised me that I would need to run it for about five hours straight in order for it to burn off its toxic chemical coating.  At which time I would not want to be in the house due to the suffocating fumes.

Oh.  Okay.

So, I needed to be out of the house for a few hours today.  I decided to go to the Sven Factory Outlet Store in Chisago City, MN (about 35 minutes from Minneapolis).  For those who don't know, the lovely people at Sven manufacture all of No.6's adorable clogs, including a certain leopard pair I have been considering.  I had heard there was a nice selection of styles at the outlet, but nothing could have prepared me for THIS:

Is this real life?  

They have a ton of clogs, sandals, and boots from No.6 as well as a selection of Sven styles, plus they can custom make you any style you can dream up.  I am pretty sure that picture is just the selection of size 36s.  Clogs and sandals are $99, and custom versions are $129.  Clog boots are around $200.  I don't need to tell you what you will pay at No.6.  DEAL OF THE CENTURY.  I wound up going with a custom version of the leopard clogs, gold huaraches on a wedge, and the front seam sandal in black, and will definitely get some shearling boots next winter.

The owner, Marie Rivers, was running the shop, and she was honestly as nice as can be.  She told me that clogs were her passion and it was obvious that isn't a cheesy line.  She was so enthusiastic about all the styles and finding everyone in the store exactly what they were looking for.  I mean, I still would be thrilled with my clogs if they had been sold to me by the meanest person on earth (that cute and that good of a deal), but it is extra nice to support such great lady's dream.

I volunteer to take all visiting friends out to clog heaven, so get up here!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Non-Celebrity* BobWatch 2014: ME

Time to add another chapter to my Hair History... 

I finally did it!

* There is a celebrity footnote to this chapter, though... this cut was done by MARTHA STEWART'S (former) PERSONAL HAIRSTYLIST.  My love of Martha knows no bounds (I have read her magazine faithfully for years despite not making a single craft or recipe from its pages) and the fact that the same hands that spent years styling her abnormally thick and shiny hair are now in charge of my thin, ratty mop is a big upgrade to my one-chair existence.  

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Flight Delay Shopping

 Last Friday, I found myself with some time to kill in the south Minneapolis area, so naturally I went to the Mall of America.  If you would have told me as a teenager that I would drive by the Mall of America on a daily basis, I would have died of happiness.  I will even admit that my first trip there gave me a tiny thrill.  Well the thrill is gone.  Aside from the fact that their are four Sunglass Huts (okay, and a roller coaster), it is just a regular ol' mall, except it takes you at least 20 minutes to get anywhere.

But there is a Madewell.  

Look past my pasty complexion and limp hair.  This is Minnesota, and it had been a long day.  This dress is adorable.  It is also surprisingly well-made.  The cotton is really substantial and the stitching is beautiful- and I love how it extends down the sides and around the pockets.  But as with everything Madewell, there is no way I would pay full price for it.  The next time a 30% off code comes around (I assume this will occur within the next 15 minutes if not sooner), I will be snapping this one up.

While I was there, I saw something that looked vaguely familiar... the Mercado shift dress.

Can't imagine where they got that idea.

Aside from the fact that it is basically the Designer Imposters perfume of dresses ("if you like the Isabel Marant 'Leal' dress, you'll love the Madewell 'Mercado'!"), this one was kind of a dud.  There isn't nearly as much contrast between the stitching color and the dress as in the photo.  The material was really flimsy.  That said, it could make a good knockaround kind of dress.  I'd say this is an "extra 40% off final sale" buy.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

So Wrong They're Right?

Or just plain wrong? 

Just typing "animal print" and "clog" in the same sentence makes me think it's the latter... but I honestly can't decide.  

Please weigh in. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Recent Acquisitions: January through March Edition

Alright, enough of this sad-sack-woe-is-me-I-live-my-entire-life-out-of-one-chair stuff.  Time for some shameless consumerism, aka what I bought over the past few months. 

Side note- Isn't it weird how a "look what I bought" post no longer seems materialistic or show-offy?  Back when I first started reading blogs, I couldn't believe people would put their spending habits on display online.  But that was the whole appeal- seeing what real people spent their real money on- and it quickly became normal.  Now a "haul" post seems quaint and authentic compared with the sponsored/shilling direction blogging has taken.  I am practically nostalgic for that era.   

Anyways.   Here is what I bought with my hard-earned cash.  Clockwise from top left:

Ace & Jig Pindot Vintage Tee, via @noihsaf_bazaar
Cannot wait to wear this baby

James Perse Crepe Blazer Dress, from a James Perse online sample sale

Orla Kiely Linear Stem Tote
Wanted it way back in September and should have just bought it in the first place.  This was the last one available, marked down, at my favorite gift shop, during my last week in Chicago, and I convinced myself that this was somehow meaningful and that I needed to buy it.  Whatever, I love it. 

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick and Tinted Moisturizer
I am pretty sure this is the exact combination I used back when I first started wearing makeup.  Foundation sticks definitely fell out of favor for a long while but they recently reformulated this one and I really like it.  The tinted moisturizer was a must because my Bare Escentuals just does not work with radiator heat.

But my best makeup buy is not pictured (it lives in my purse and I forgot to include it)!  I got the Pot Rouge in Pale Pink and I love it.  It gives Stila Convertible Color a run for its money as the best cream blush out there.  The consistency is really nice and the color approximates that Scandanavian glow everyone up here seems to have.

Finally, my lone chair will be getting a much-needed break, because I have a couch arriving by the end of the month!  Since it is for a super specific and temporary space, we didn't want to spend a lot of money.  I wound up buying a questionable "recycled" leather love seat from Home Depot, of all places.   The reviews are great but I will let you know if it feels like sitting on Grandma's plastic covered floral sofa.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Glamorous Life

Greetings from Minnesota, where I currently enjoy an existence free of furniture, television, and wireless internet.  


Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Girl From the North Country

You know what?  Chicago has just been too balmy for us this year.  So we are packing it up in search of better climes and moving 400 miles away to... Minneapolis.


Seriously though.

We are actually moving to Minneapolis.

This is not necessarily a decision that looks good on paper.  We just bought a condo.  And we both love Chicago, a lot.  And all of our friends are here.  And we don't have a single friend there (Matt's sister does live in the state, and I have an uncle in the Cities.  But that's it).  And I will have to live up there by myself for a few months while Matt finishes up school.  And oh, I hadn't been to Minneapolis since 7th grade (we remedied that a couple weeks ago).

But we are both really ready to change gears, career-wise.  And we both wound up with opportunities that we don't think we could have gotten here in Chicago.  We also always had the idea that we'd live in at least one more city, and it seemed like were reaching the point where was now or never- either move now or become Chicago lifers (not exactly a hardship and I'd never say never when it comes to moving back).  Basically, we felt like we'd regret it if we didn't give this Minneapolis thing a try.   So next week, we are literally packing it all up in a van and moving me to Minnesota!  

Me, next week.  

In order to prevent an emotional breakdown, I am choosing to think about anything but the fact that this is my last week in Chicago.  So does anyone have any Minneapolis/Minnesota recs for me?  Does anyone live there?  Can I buy you a drink and pepper you with questions about Minneapolis (for real)?