Thursday, June 26, 2014

Recent Acquisitions: A New Spring Wardrobe

For $201!  

I know.  This picture is terrible.

Two Linen Blend Tunics - $29.90 each (my office is freezing)
Three Airism Sleeveless Tops - $12.90

Total: $201.00

Okay, this only constitutes a new spring wardrobe for your torso, if your torso happens to wear neutrals and linen blends exclusively.  But still!  I have worn at least one of these items (currently wearing two- nude Airism tank and the long sleeve linen stripe shirt) every day since they arrived two weeks ago.  Best $201 I've ever spent.  

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Don't Call It A Comeback: the Meg Ryan for 2014

Okay, do call it a comeback.  No one has sported the Meg Ryan in years.  But in the mid-90s, this was the cut everyone wanted.  In my opinion, Meg Ryan hair reached its peak in the otherwise disastrous movie Addicted to Love.  It retained its trademark perky charm, but was a little messier and cooler than You've Got Mail hair, and still looks fresh compared with Hanging Up hair (oof, that look does not hold up).  And out of kindness to Meg, let's not even discuss French Kiss hair.

After a year of bobs and pixies, the Meg Ryan seems like the next logical step.  It gives some texture to those tired of a straightforward bob, but is the perfect grow-out cut for pixied ladies.  And this style just looks right with overalls and the more minimal (fine, normcore) looks I see everywhere these days.  

Never did I think I'd been mentioning her name on this blog (much less in a positive context) but it looks like Kaley Cuoco is first out of the gate with this one.  Too long to be a pixie, and too short and layered to be a bob, this new cut is definitely a Meg Ryan for 2014.  

I think my wavy bob still has a few more months in it, but already know what my next big cut will be.  

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Weekend Update

My sister came to visit this weekend and we did some of my favorite Minneapolis things:

A trip to Clog Heaven with a side jaunt to the Franconia Sculpture Garden

 and a seafood feast at Sea Salt while enjoying Minnehaha Falls.

(plus a lot of trashy tv and ice cream eating and pizza and afternoon beers... but those were less photogenic)

Friday, May 2, 2014

The NYTimes Joins the BobWatch

The New York Times has officially joined the BobWatching.  Okay, so they are a few months behind and it seems like journalistic negligence not to ask me for a quote, but they hit the big names: the Julianne, the Robin Wright Penn (first season only), and the Alexa.  

Avid BobWatcher that I am, I have started to view the whole world in terms of hair length.  We all know about the hemline index.   As stock prices rise, so do women's hemlines.  But what about the hairline index (hair length index?  it's a working title)?  Now this is just anecdotal and I am going to have to call in a team of economists to back me up, but the 90s ushered in a time of unprecedented prosperity, and adorable short haircuts (see: Ryan, Meg; Ryder, Winona).  Around the turn of the millenium, the economy faltered.  Suddenly those chic short haircuts were nowhere to be found.  Mid-way through the 2000s, things seemed to be back on track for a bit.  The Dow Jones reached record heights around 2003-2007, as did women's hair as they embraced the gelled hideousness of the Kate Gosselin and the "Pob" (I didn't say all of these cuts were good).  The economy crashed again in 2009.  Ever since then, it's been long beachy waves and ombre ends.  

The economy is finally showing some signs of life, and just like clockwork, the stylish celebs start chopping off their hair.  I mean, it all makes sense.  Long hair is comforting and traditional, the perfect 'do for retreating in crisis.  Not to mention the fact that it is low maintenance.  Short hair, on the other hand, is modern and forward thinking.  It requires a certain confidence (not to mention the cash to pay for constant trims).  

 Keep up, New York Times.  

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Oh no.  Here comes some of that "real talk" I threatened awhile back... 

Over the past 12 months, I have lost both of my grandparents, bought a condo, got engaged, took a new, non-lawyer job, found out my parents were divorcing, and moved out of said condo alone, to a new city where I know no one.  Death, divorce, moving (twice!), and a job change... basically every major life event I can think of, all rolled into 12 months.  Obviously they haven't all been bad.  Some of these events have been wonderful (getting engaged comes to mind), some have been hard but ultimately for the best, but regardless... I have had a year.   

I have told myself over and over: if you can get through this, you can never doubt yourself again.    

The thought being, if you can deal with all of this with grace and strength and bravery, you can do anything.  This little mantra has kept me pushing forward over the past couple months, and considering everything, I have been pretty happy here in my new city.  

Maybe it is the fact that winter is still hanging around in Minnesota, or maybe my recent trip to Chicago made me realize how much I am miss everyone at home, but grace and strength and bravery are suddenly in seriously short supply.  I have completely run out!  I am grumpy, lonely, and frustrated.

Spring cannot get here soon enough.  I am typically not the type who gets down in winter, but I need to turn a corner of some kind.  A few sunny days and some exploring around town will make a huge difference.  And I know I will have the hang of this job soon.  Most importantly, Matt and Biscuit will move up to Minneapolis in June.  And then, I want nothing to happen.  

Monday, April 28, 2014

Celebrity BobWatch 2014: Jennifer Lawrence

Like crocuses in the snow, a couple springy celebrity bobs emerged last week.     

Let's talk about Ms. Jennifer here.  I speak from experience- growing out a pixie is NOT EASY.  And her haircut isn't exactly what you'd chose if you were starting from scratch.  But she looks absolutely adorable.   The length is really flattering and the messy texture camouflages some of the awkward short layers.  It doesn't hurt that she is wearing two flawless outfits.

I am guessing this bob won't be around long, but it is one of my favorites so far in 2014.  

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Field Trip: Sven Factory Outlet

My landlord recently installed our gas fireplace insert (just in time for spring) and advised me that I would need to run it for about five hours straight in order for it to burn off its toxic chemical coating.  At which time I would not want to be in the house due to the suffocating fumes.

Oh.  Okay.

So, I needed to be out of the house for a few hours today.  I decided to go to the Sven Factory Outlet Store in Chisago City, MN (about 35 minutes from Minneapolis).  For those who don't know, the lovely people at Sven manufacture all of No.6's adorable clogs, including a certain leopard pair I have been considering.  I had heard there was a nice selection of styles at the outlet, but nothing could have prepared me for THIS:

Is this real life?  

They have a ton of clogs, sandals, and boots from No.6 as well as a selection of Sven styles, plus they can custom make you any style you can dream up.  I am pretty sure that picture is just the selection of size 36s.  Clogs and sandals are $99, and custom versions are $129.  Clog boots are around $200.  I don't need to tell you what you will pay at No.6.  DEAL OF THE CENTURY.  I wound up going with a custom version of the leopard clogs, gold huaraches on a wedge, and the front seam sandal in black, and will definitely get some shearling boots next winter.

The owner, Marie Rivers, was running the shop, and she was honestly as nice as can be.  She told me that clogs were her passion and it was obvious that isn't a cheesy line.  She was so enthusiastic about all the styles and finding everyone in the store exactly what they were looking for.  I mean, I still would be thrilled with my clogs if they had been sold to me by the meanest person on earth (that cute and that good of a deal), but it is extra nice to support such great lady's dream.

I volunteer to take all visiting friends out to clog heaven, so get up here!