Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What I Wore: Polka Capital of the Nation

This weekend we went to New Ulm, MN to visit Matt's sister and attend their Oktoberfest.  Being the (self-declared) POLKA CAPITAL OF THE NATION, basically every weekend in New Ulm is Oktoberfest.  But apparently this one was the main event.  I decided to give my trusty fall uniform a break and wore my favorite L.L. Bean fisherman sweater instead, along with a similarly toned jacket and t-shirt.  

You might ask: isn't it a little risky to wear a beige jacket, sweater, and t-shirt to an outdoor festival? 

L.L. Bean Signature Fisherman Sweater (size up!)
Uniqlo Striped Linen Blend T-Shirt
Steven Alan Moto Jacket (super old, from eBay)
AG Farrah Jeans (love the fit but have worn out way too fast) 
Vans Leather Sk-8 Hi Slim Sneakers

Answer:  No.  German food is beige (and delicious, I might add).  Beer is beige.   The caramel apple pie I bought on the way was beige.  My hair is so beige that it blends into that beige building.  It was a low contrast, low risk situation (even for me).

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What I Wore: Basically This Entire Fall

If you see me on a weekend this fall, I'm likely to be wearing the outfit below.  Not a variation of this outfit where I swap out a different sweater or t-shirt... actually this exact outfit.  

See?  I stood out in my yard to prove it.  

Uniqlo Striped Linen Blend T-Shirt (you can't see it, but it is always there.  It hangs out the sides and adds a little something, in my opinion) 
Madewell jeans (old version, not the much-hated new ones) 
Orla Kiely Stem Bag 

Friday, September 5, 2014


I got a sunburn, saw snow, and ran a mile in a hail storm all in the same weekend...but it sure was pretty.   

Pics are from Red Rocks Ampitheater and the Chasm Lake hike at Rocky Mountain National Park

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Dashing this off even though I am late for work because when Inhabit has a sale, they REALLY have a sale.   

I got this, this, and this for $215... original price $1014!  Completely worth being late for.

Use TIMELESS for an extra $20 off.  Go!!! 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

So Many Feelings (Note: No Actual Feelings)

What am I feeling this week?  I'll tell you. 

These sneakers.  Feeling them, big time, maybe with my black AG Farrah skinnies, a white tee, and this bright blue jacket.  The only question is black or cream?  (I think black).
Erin Considine

Erin Considine AW2014.  Feeling every bit of this, especially the Arc studs on the top left.

GOING BACK TO BLOND.  Feeling this so much it may merit its own post.  Spoiler alert: I realized that there are no points awarded for being natural.  Especially when "natural" is the dumpiest dishwater shade ever...

Patchwork boyfriend jeans?  I feel that.

Our sunroom.  We finally hung up some curtains (the same West Elm Ikat Ogee ones I've used in every apartment) and it feels so, so cozy in here.  This tiny room probably makes up less than a sixth of the apartment but it is where we read, watch tv, eat (I admit it... usually while watching tv), and nap.

Feels change weekly so I'll probably be back with a whole new set soon...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer Weddings and the Facebook Era

In the height of the Facebook era, an outfit could be ruined for all time by a single overzealous picture poster.  If someone uploaded 15 consecutive pictures of you wearing it, you certainly didn't want to be seen in it again at next week's party.  No matter how much you loved it, it was all but retired.

These days, no one is posting 15 (or any) pictures of me, and I have no problem wearing the exact same thing every weekend.  But for some reason this concept has stuck with me when it comes to my wedding attire.   This summer, I finally came to my senses.  Why let a good and probably expensive outfit go to waste just because a few people may have already seen it at the last wedding?  And who am I trying to fool anyways?  Am I really trying to make people think I have some unlimited stock of cocktail dresses like a contestant on The Bachelor?  No.  Therefore, I am instituting my summer wedding uniform.  If it's remotely appropriate for the venue, I'm wearing it: 

Ronald Hayes Pearson Collar (vintage) 
MAC "Speak Louder" Lipstick

(The Eileen Fisher you could have predicted... but the Donald J. Pliner is taking the old lady to another level.  Sorry I'm not sorry.)  

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Minneapolis: A Couple Things I Like, and One I Don't

I eased myself back into blogging with a nice discussion of celebrities and the history of designer jeans (two of my favorite topics), but there are far more important new things in my life.  Matt and Biscuit joined me in Minneapolis about a month ago and honestly it wasn't a minute too soon.

Against my better judgment, we decided to hire movers at each end but drive the truck ourselves.  Unfortunately, the day of our move, they "upgraded" us to a 27 foot truck, which was a good 10 feet more than we needed.  If you were talking about a hotel room, or a storage unit, or a swimming pool, an extra 10 feet of space would definitely be an upgrade.  But when you are talking about a massive vehicle that you have to navigate through alleyways, busy Chicago streets, and 400 miles of highway, it is the exact opposite of an upgrade. 

Like a BOSS.

The fact that you don't need a CDL to operate this thing is straight up negligence on the part of Penske.  But amazingly, aside from one mishap in the alleyway which I maintain caused only cosmetic damage (some might disagree... namely, Penske), we made it without incident. 

Now that we are all here, including some actual furniture, I am starting to feel like I, you know, actually live here.  And for the most part, I really like Minneapolis.  The biggest positive to me has been all the outdoor activities.   I can see why it is routinely named as the fittest city in America, because they just make it SO easy to be active.  Instead of meeting up for a drink, the girls here will walk around the lakes.   There are parks everywhere and great bike trails that take you all around the city.   Considering the fact that I rode my old bike about twice in Chicago before selling it and buying a pair of sandals with the proceeds (still a bitter topic in our household), this a huge lifestyle change.

I know the aesthetics don't really matter... but I am who I am, and the fact that my bike is adorable really doesn't hurt.  I can take no credit for its design.  Matt chose the frame and all of its components a few years ago but has since moved on to other bike projects, and now I am its lucky rider.  I think it is basically the best looking bike I've ever seen and I ride it around town with great pride.  


I keep asking him to give me all the specs because I am certain that people will be flagging me down left and right and demanding to know all about it.  Since I already feel like a total bike impostor as it is, I don't want to be embarrassed by having no clue about my bike.  To date, not ONE person has asked me about it- there's no accounting for some tastes- and I still cannot remember who makes the frame.  So, probably should retire that weird and egotistical little daydream.  

(Just checked for the 15th and last time.  It's a Mercier Kilo TT.  With the Brooks saddle.  You know how I do (how Matt do)).  

The other thing we like so far about Minneapolis is all of the breweries.  There are tons in Northeast Minneapolis and they all seem to have food trucks that show up with tacos and Indian food and other things that are good when you have been trying a lot of beers.  So far we have been to Indeed, Dangerous Man, and Bauhaus, and we have loved them all.  

Just... why.

Now for the bad.  

Real Talk: We have no friends. 

Seriously.  I think I underestimated the extent to which this would affect me, because it hasn't been something I've had to worry about for years.  I don't want to act like I was SooOOOooo popular in Chicago, because I most certainly was not, but Matt and I had a solid core group of friends, I had great girlfriends, and my boo Amanda lived just a few blocks away.  And after living there for 8 years, we just knew a lot of people.  If we were staying home on a Saturday night, it was by choice.  Here, we know no one and we are pretty much on our own when it comes to Saturday night plans.  We are both working on it but I think it will be a while before we are invited "up north" to anyone's cabin.   So, that's a bummer.  But at least a bummer we can change.