Monday, November 28, 2011

Scrooge Approved

I am going to say something shocking now. Are you ready?

I don't really like Christmas.  

I mean, I don't dislike it, exactly... but the sight of a Starbucks red holiday cup just does not fill me with the same joy that it does 95% of the population.  I haven't had a tree for the past 5 years and haven't regretted for one second.  I do not gleefully throw on a Christmas album the second Thanksgiving dinner is over.  When it comes to Christmas, I could take it (the presents, specifically), or leave it (the forced merriment, the traveling, the endless office parties).

  But even I am considering getting into the holiday spirit with this wonderful Joy to the World map (as seen on my idol Emily Henderson's Christmas Special).  I love that it conveys the spirit of the season without hitting you in the face with cutesieness, glitter, or baby Jesus.   I am still more Grinch than Cindy Lou Who, but this may just make its way into my photo wall.   

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