Monday, December 5, 2011

After spending the last two winters in L.L. Bean Duck Boots-- and no offense to my Bean boots, a better product you will not find-- I find myself looking for a suitably sturdy alternative in case I decide to, you know, go out in public. It needs to be able to withstand snow and slush but also not be totally humiliating in the event that my friends and I go out to da club (okay, this never happens, but it might, and I don't want to be wearing shearling and rubber when it does).

So, I ask you, are these:
Cute-clunky... or Herman Munster-clunky?
Frye Women's Engineer 12R... in the "Black Greasy" leather, of course.
It's a very fine line, one I have struggled to walk since 7th grade, when I got a pair of Doc Martens Mary Janes (official classification: orthopedic-clunky).

Trust me when I say that this photo does not even remotely capture their hideousness.
What do you think? Does anyone have a suggestion for a boot on the cute side of the clunky canyon? I am all ears, because no one needs to encounter this stomping around Chicago:

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