Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ask and Ye Shall Receive (Alternate Title: I am Spoiled Rotten)

You (all 5 of you!) may have noticed the radio silence coming from Sarge in Charge.  I took my birthday off, and then the following day, and then next thing you know it was the weekend and I'd lost all momentum.  However, during this time, I learned a selfish but valuable lesson: it pays to start a blog a few months prior to your birthday and Christmas!  That way, your friends and family know precisely what to get you...a very good thing when you are a notorious pickypants.  Thanks to my dear friend Kyra I am now the proud owner of lovely By Boe earrings and a necklace.

You da best, Kyra!

I am also enjoying Norwegian Wood's Coconut Spike necklace and the By Boe Alphabet earrings courtesy of Matt.

Oh and this object of geometric beauty (2 of them, in fact!) made its way to my doorstep thanks to my parents.

I mean, really.  Spoiled.  rotten.

Since I had already celebrated my birthday with fried chicken I didn't really feel the need to do something on the actual day, but Matt made us reservations at MK anyways.  I had high hopes but MK was decidedly meh(K) (see what I did there?).  Don't worry, I managed to console myself by crying into my DwellStudio pillows. 

This week we will return to our regularly scheduled and hopefully somewhat less obnoxious posting. 

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