Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lazy Sunday (Alternate Title: My Living Room)

While my living room is by no means "done," with the addition of my DwellStudio pillows, I am definitely happy for the time being.  If I do say so myself, this is just about the perfect place to spend a lazy Sunday.

The credenza and side table are mid-century Lane Craigslist finds.  The curtains and rug are both West Elm purchases.  The Parsons coffee table is also West Elm and was acquired for free by moi after it was used for one night by a friend-of-a-friend at a presentation (note, there will be a lot of shameless bragging about my deal-finding below). 

I did take the tag off the pillows, I swear.

From the other side of the room (photo taken in the pre-pillow era): the mirrors are from CB2 and I got all three for the price of one on Craigslist! The glass globes are from the Crate and Barrel outlet, super cheap.  The wooden bowl, ceramic jug, and brass sculpture on the credenza are hand-me-downs from my parents' move.  So is the brass floor lamp.

Kindly ignore the old orange dhurrie rug is curled up in a ball in the corner (where it has rested for at least three months now).

I am sorry but doesn't the slate of the rug look perfect with the nutty/caramel color of the leather?  The chairs were purchased for $120 on Craigslist as temporary placeholders until I could get my hands on a pair of classic Westnofa Siesta chairs.  After buying them I found out that they are actually a lesser known Westnofa design (what can I say, my eye for mid-century Danish design is impeccable!).   While they are a little low-slung for the room, they are super comfy and I doubt I'll be replacing them anytime soon. 

I have a ridiculous weakness for brass and found this shell-ish thing for all of $30 on Etsy.  I adore it and cannot believe it took me months to finally buy it.  It rests atop a rather diverse assortment of coffee table books, because who wouldn't want to brush up on their Jay-Z lyrics and learn new Paul Starr makeup techniques while relaxing in front of a toasty fire?


  1. Feels weird that I've been in this apartment that looks straight out of the pages of Dwell Magazine. ;) Lookin' good. Now come help us with our place!

  2. I am anticipating a call from the Dwell folk any day now.

    Anytime, Michi- let the Craigslisting begin!