Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I Wore to Work

Anthropologie Leather Circle Skirt, no longer available
Aldo Potra, also known as the poor man's Rachel Comey Barbaro

Some people say you should avoid combining black and brown.

I say, au contraire!!!

You should go out of your way to combine them.

On their own, black and brown are boring neutrals.  But when you mix them together with a little white, suddenly these background players get chance to pop!

To wit:

 the Dash & Albert Sidebar rug

Practically every room in The Brick House

and Biscuit's boyfriend, Gus.

Note- this is not actually Gus.  

Note- Gus is not actually Biscuit's boyfriend.  He is just a basset we see around the neighborhood and their relationship exists only in my imagination.

Note- I need a life. 


  1. Agreed. Love the leather skirt!

  2. I like black and brown I think it looks super chic and the Bassett is awesome :)