Sunday, January 29, 2012

The One That Got Away

I had originally planned to spend my Sunday drinking coffee, reading the news, and admiring my new brutalist credenza. As a little background, I have had my eye on this particular Lane credenza for a couple of years now.  I have seen ones listed for upwards of $1000, so I nearly fainted when a seller in Milwaukee offered the credenza, matching side table, and mirror for a mere $200.  Naturally, I jumped.
Unfortunately I came to my senses yesterday morning.  I already have a perfectly good mid-century credenza.  My brutalist credenza "needed work," the nature or degree of which I conveniently failed to ask about during my frenzied emailing and calling with the seller.  I have absolutely no space to store it during the refinishing process or until I could sell the old credenza, nor do I have time to take on either of those tasks.  Plus it was a whole foot and a half longer than my current credenza, meaning that this hulking mass of wood would basically take up an entire wall.  Oh and did I mention that weighs nearly a ton, every pound of which my friend Jen and I would have to carry up my icy porch and then up the curved steps to the 2nd floor?  Plus, if there is one thing my living room doesn't need, it's more geometric pattern

So I told the seller I would have to cancel.  I know that even though it was a good deal doesn't mean it was a good deal for me right now....but it hurts so bad.  Ugh, it's like I passed some kind of maturity test or something.

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  1. Found this same credenza on the curb recently outside a sketchy trailer park--I nearly put my wife through the windshield slamming on the brakes. Ran back with a borrowed pickup and now use it as a showcase for all my vintage hifi gear.