Saturday, January 28, 2012

This Is How We Do It In The Chi

I wish I could show you adorable pictures of me frolicking in a winter wonderland, but alas, Chicago in the winter is no wonderland and I wouldn't be caught dead frolicking.  On any given night or weekend, you will find me wearing some variation* on my utilitarian winter uniform:

Sweater so enormous that it could fit two (this has been proven) - check!
Heavy duty snow boots- check!
Skinny jeans so that at least ONE body part does not look like it belongs to a Wooly Mammoth- check!

How could I forget? Massive parka- check!
One more thing!  Boyfriend's hat- check!
Listen, it's not all that cute but it gets it done.

VKOO Cambridge Cardigan
 Madewell Skinny Skinny Jeans
Sorel for J. Crew Boots (sold out online but the SA told me there are quite a few in stores and believe me, they are worth tracking down)
Aritzia Parka

*By "some variation" I mean that I wear this exact sweater every day.


  1. Love those sorel boots! Free people I think carries something similar. Snow hasnt hit the Northeast yet... Still waiting.

  2. My parents are spending their first winter in Boston and keep complaining about that too-- forgive me if I don't feel too sympathetic! haha.