Sunday, January 26, 2014

Celebrity BobWatch 2014: Zosia Mamet

We aren't even a month into 2014 and I am already falling down on the BobWatching job. 

Zosia Mamet debuted a choppy bob at the Golden Globes and then tried it with a little more texture at the "Girls" UK premiere.  While I will miss Shosh's sock buns, I like it!  It isn't a total slam dunk like Kristen Wiig's cut (maybe just because it already looked so good long) but it is adorable and flattering.  So far so good, celebrity bobs of 2014.  


  1. Hey there! Guess where Grechen's link took me? Yup. Right here for "bobfest"! I adore Zosia and Kristen's new chops. SO cute. My problem, if it may be called one, is thick hair so thick at the bottom that I'd have inverted triangle head, or Bozo syndrome, if I decided to go with a blunt bob. But where do you find a stylist that can tailor the cut to your hair type?

    1. Ugh, as a fine-haired lady I struggle to empathize with your "problem"... but I do know that Bozo Syndrome is very real :) I have been lucky enough to have hairstylists with similar hair, so that has helped me, but one would think all hairstylists would be great at thick hair since it is considered the ideal! I think they may have to "cut into" your hair to thin out the ends while leaving it mostly one length?

  2. All of these bobs are exerting significant peer pressure on me. Right now I'm planning on growing out the bangs a little and keeping the length at just below the shoulder blades, but there's something about a bob that seems so fresh and modern.

    Still, it's freezing, and I need my hair for extra warmth. Or so I keep telling myself.

    My stylist is excellent at shaping my thick hair so it doesn't look or feel so heavy. My hair may be thick, but most of it is concentrated in the front and sides (tiny forehead). The back of my head has much less hair. The result is that I always have hair in my face, which I hate--and yet I have bangs. Go figure.