Thursday, January 16, 2014

Deal Alert

Ignore the strangely monochromatic model. 

That is one nice sweater for $148.  

Okay,  I hear you, that's still not pocket change... but does the fact that it is 100% cashmere change your mind?  What about the super cool mixed stitch?  Oh I don't know, how about the fact that it was originally $588?!?  Can you imagine wrapping yourself in $588 worth of cashmere luxury and knowing that you saved an insane $440 in doing so?  Don't you think that your (rightful) smugness would keep you just a little bit warmer?   I'm pretty sure it would.

Sale's today only, btw.


  1. i think you can use code TIMELESS for an extra $20 off too :)
    i have that sweater and it is indeed the most awesome thing EVER.

    but wait, don't let me enable you...

  2. NICE. Turtlenecks are tricky, too tight and you feel constricted, too loose, and what's the point? This one looks like it has a nice shape...but that winter white is asking for trouble.

    1. I wound up passing on the deal because I found something I wanted more at the James Perse sample sale. But my Mom called me up and asked for the sweater in the "Quill" color for her birthday, so at least someone benefited :)

      And yes, winter white... it requires constant vigilance.